kaufDA on Shopping Spree

The local deal search kaufDA cannot be stopped. The Berlin-based company is now making mobile mobile. Which means: through cooperation with the marketer arcado, kaufDA is now putting more effort in mobile coupons.
The service is following the trend of the online coupon. At the beginning of August 2010, the company took over Deutschlandcoupon, which was a provider for local online coupons. And as of September, customers of the German general store Schlecker were able to use their mobile to download coupons to be used on Gillette products.
“With kaufDA’s and acardo’s partnership, we offer the consumer goods industry a complete solution from local and mobile coupon distribution to coupon clearing, which reaches the consumer in all facets of life and which has a proven effectiveness in marketing,” exclaimed the boss at kaufDA, Christian Gaiser. Arcado’s head of house Christoph Thye was also excited: “With kaufDA, consumer good producers will have a large selection of consumers in their vicinity to choose from. This could mean there will be some interesting coupons for mobile devices that users can use right at the register.”
Well, isn’t that something to look forward to?

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