T-Online.de Starting Up Local Search

The 25 million user strong general interest online portal T-Online.de is now joining the local search bandwagon: as a response to the growing demand for local services and information, the service massively expanded its regional offering at the beginning of October. Users now have access to 346 city and county portals with regional to local news, information, and services available, according to a press release from the Deutsche Telekom, the carrier of the online portal.
According to the motto “interesting is what is close by”, the portal now offers an expansive local offering in the “regional” branch. Users can find news and police announcements from their city, local weather, sport, and movie information. Even deal from local stores can be compared and there are even classifieds for the different regions. On top of that, T-Online.de offers the “largest interactive event calendar in Germany”. The content of the regional information is partially written by the editorial staff at T-Online.de, as well as from other Telekom portals, like Fussball.de, wetter.t-online.de, and from additional partner networks.

T-Online.de has the potential of spreading quickly with its relatively large user-base, considering this is just the beginning for the portal. The local offering is supposed to continue growing. The next step will include user-generated content: users will be able to write their own entries and appointments for their region.

To finance the entire project, T-Online.de is focusing on local marketing, especially amongst small businesses: with a self-booking tool, regional businesses can reach targeted ad-placement in their own local surrounding.

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